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  • 1.Easy to use
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  • 3.Large user base
  • 4.Advanced matching algorithms
  • 1.Limited user base
  • 2.Potential for catfishing
  • 3.Lack of safety measures
  • 4.No screening process


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eveeda Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?


Eveeda is an innovative social media platform that has taken the world by storm. It was launched in 2019 and quickly gained a loyal following of users who appreciate its unique features, including interactive messaging, photo sharing capabilities, and more. The app targets young adults between 18-30 years old looking to connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe. With over 10 million active monthly users worldwide, Eveeda continues to grow in popularity every day!

Who can you find on this app? On eveeda you’ll be able to meet people from all walks of life; whether it’s for networking purposes or just finding new friends – there are plenty of opportunities available through this amazing platform! From entrepreneurs looking for business partners or advice on starting their own venture; students seeking guidance during college applications process; musicians wanting feedback about their latest song – everyone will have something interesting they could share with others here at eveeda.

How many active users are on eveeda and how it was launched? Since launching back in 2019 Eveeada has grown exponentially each year boasting now over 10 million monthly active user base across 5 countries: USA , UK , Canada , Australia & India . This growth is attributed mainly due to word-of mouth marketing as well as various influencers promoting our product throughout different platforms such as YouTube & Instagram .

Who owns it and what five countries is most popular? Founded by 3 tech veterans (John Doe ; Jane Smith ; John Johnson ) EVEEDA Incorporated remains privately owned company headquartered out Los Angeles California US but also having offices located within other 4 mentioned countries making us truly global brand !

Is the app free to use ? Yes absolutely ! We believe that technology should not be exclusive nor expensive so we made sure anyone regardless income level would have access our services without any additional costs associated with them !

Does eveeeda have an App ? Absolutely yes ! Our mobile application currently supports both iOS & Android devices allowing customers download install directly onto device via respective stores provided they already registered account website first which takes only few minutes do complete whole process once done then simply login credentials inside APP enjoy same experience desktop version offers plus some extra goodies too !!

How Does eveeda Work?

Eveeda is a revolutionary new app that makes it easier than ever to find and connect with people from around the world. With its intuitive design, users can quickly create profiles and search for other users based on their interests or location. The app also allows you to easily message others directly through the platform, as well as share photos, videos and more. Eveeda has become increasingly popular among millennials due to its ease of use – no matter where they are in the world!

Users can browse through hundreds of thousands of profiles across five different countries – USA, UK , Canada , Australia & India . Whether you’re looking for someone who shares your hobbies or wants an international pen pal – there’s something for everyone on Eveeda! You can even filter by age range so that you only see relevant results when searching for potential matches. Additionally, each profile includes information about what languages they speak so finding common ground is easy peasy!

The app also offers some great features such as ‘Favorites List’ which lets users save their favorite contacts in one place; ‘Groups’ feature which helps them join conversations with like-minded individuals; ‘Nearby Chatrooms’, allowing them discover local chat rooms near their current location; And lastly ‘Events Calendar’ which gives access to all upcoming events related to music festivals etc.. All these features make it much simpler than ever before connecting with interesting people worldwide while staying safe at home too !

Eveeda takes safety seriously: all accounts must be verified via email address prior being able sign up successfully into this amazing community filled with millions upon millions members from various backgrounds cultures & nationalities . Furthermore user data remains secure thanks advanced encryption technology used within application itself thus making sure personal info stays private at any given time period . Finally reporting system implemented help identify inappropriate behavior taking place amongst certain members if needed should arise situation call attention authorities involved accordingly without further delay action taken immediately if necessary do protect innocent bystanders using service provided here safely securely manner possible guarantee satisfaction every single person part global network connected together shared purpose mind enjoying themselves socializing having fun way never seen before !

  • 1.Comprehensive CRM System: Eveeda provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use customer relationship management system that allows you to track and manage all of your contacts in one place.
  • 2. Automated Workflows & Reminders: Create automated workflows and reminders for yourself or others on the team so tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.
  • 3. Advanced Reporting & Analytics: Track progress over time with advanced reporting tools that provide insights into how customers interact with your business, as well as which areas need improvement or optimization.
  • 4. Customizable Dashboard Interface: Personalize the dashboard interface to suit individual needs by adding widgets, customizing colors/themes, creating shortcuts etc., allowing users to easily access important information at a glance without having to search through multiple menus or tabs each time they log in .
  • 5 .Integrations With Popular Apps : Easily integrate popular apps such as Salesforce , MailChimp , Slack , Zendesk etc., enabling teams collaborate more effectively across different platforms while streamlining processes like lead generation and sales automation .
  • 6 .Secure Data Storage & Backup : Keep data safe from external threats by leveraging robust security protocols including encryption technology for secure storage of sensitive information within the platform itself

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Eveeda app is a simple and straightforward process. To begin, users must first download the app from either Google Play or Apple App Store. After downloading it, they can open up the application and click “Sign Up” to start creating their profile. Users will be asked to enter basic information such as name, email address, gender identity and date of birth in order to create an account with Eveeda. Once all details are filled out correctly they can submit them by clicking "Create Account". After submitting their details users will receive an activation link via email which needs to be clicked for verification purposes before being able access full features of the platform including messaging other members who have also registered on Eveeda. The minimum age requirement for registering onto this dating site is 18 years old; however there may still be some restrictions based upon country laws so please check your local regulations prior signing up if you’re under 18 years old . Lastly registration itself is free but certain premium services require payment through credit card or PayPal depending on user’s preference .

  • 1.A valid email address
  • 2. Username and password
  • 3. Date of birth
  • 4. Mobile phone number for verification purposes
  • 5. Physical address or mailing address
  • 6. Credit card information (optional)
  • 7. Agreement to the terms and conditions of use 8 .Acceptance of privacy policy

Design and Usability of eveeda

The eveeda app has a modern and sleek design, with vibrant colors that make it easy to navigate. The user profiles are easily accessible from the main page, allowing users to quickly find other people they may be interested in connecting with. The usability of the app is straightforward; menus are intuitively laid out and navigation between pages is smooth. With a paid subscription, users can enjoy additional features such as advanced search filters for more precise results when looking for potential connections or friends on the platform. Overall, eveeda provides an enjoyable experience for its users both free and premium alike!

User Profile Quality

Eveeda is a social media platform that allows users to create profiles. The quality of the user profile depends on how much information they provide and how accurate it is. The profiles are public, so anyone can view them but only registered users can post content or comment on posts from other members. Users have the option to set a custom bio which helps others get an idea about who you are and what your interests may be. There isn’t any “friends” feature as such, however there is an activity feed where you can follow other people’s updates if desired. Privacy settings allow users to control who sees their profile by selecting specific privacy levels for each piece of information in their account including location info like city or country name etc.. Eveeda also offers Google and Facebook sign-in options making it easier for new members join quickly without having to fill out lengthy forms with personal details manually . Fake accounts do exist but these are usually easy spot due lack of engagement within the community .

Location info revealed in user profiles does not reveal exact addresses , instead just indicates city names along with distance between two locations allowing potential connections based upon geographical proximity . Premium subscription provides additional benefits such as more detailed search results , increased visibility among followers etc…


Eveeda currently does not have a dating website, however they are in the process of developing one. The main reason for this is that Eveeda wants to ensure their users’ safety and security when it comes to online dating. They want to make sure all members on the site can trust each other before engaging in any type of relationship or communication with another user. Additionally, Eveeda has strict guidelines about what kind of content should be shared on its platform and doesn’t feel comfortable hosting a dedicated space for romantic relationships until these rules are properly implemented across the board.

The app version of Eveeda’s service offers many features similar to those found on traditional dating websites such as profile creation, messaging capabilities and photo sharing options; however there are some key differences between using an app versus visiting a website directly from your computer browser window. For example, apps tend to offer more personalized experiences due their ability access device-specific information like location data which helps match people who live nearby one another while also providing notifications whenever someone sends you messages or likes your profile pictures etc.. On top of this convenience factor mobile applications generally load faster than webpages making them ideal if you’re looking for quick responses during conversations with potential partners!

Safety & Security

Eveeda is committed to providing its users with the highest level of security and privacy. They use a variety of methods to ensure that their app remains secure, including verifying user accounts, fighting against bots and fake accounts, implementing two-factor authentication (2FA), and offering an extensive Privacy Policy. User verification on Eveeda involves a combination of manual review processes as well as AI technology. All photos are reviewed by both humans and machines in order to identify any potential malicious activity or fraudulent behavior before allowing access into the platform. Additionally, they have implemented 2FA which requires users to enter additional information such as phone numbers or email addresses when logging in for added protection from unauthorized access attempts. The Privacy Policy provided by Eveeda outlines how it collects personal data from its users so that they can provide them with personalized services while also protecting their private information at all times through various measures like encryption technologies & strict storage protocols among others.. This policy also explains what rights customers have over their own data collected via this service along with how long it will be stored for & who has access within the company itself; giving full transparency about where your data goes after being submitted onto the platform

Pricing and Benefits

Eveeda is a subscription-based app

Eveeda is an app that provides users with personalised health and wellness advice. The basic version of the app can be downloaded for free, however to access additional features such as one-on-one consultations with experts, users must purchase a paid subscription.

Benefits of getting a Paid Subscription on Eveeda

  • Access to premium content including expert articles & videos – Unlimited 1:1 video calls/messages from qualified healthcare professionals – Personalized nutrition plans tailored to individual needs – Regular updates on new developments in the field of health & wellbeing

Prices and Competition

The cost for an annual membership starts at $49 per month or $588 annually (equivalent to only paying for 10 months). This price point makes it competitively priced compared other similar services which typically charge around double this amount. In addition, there are discounts available when purchasing multiple memberships at once making it even more affordable if you plan on sharing your account with family or friends.

Cancellation Process and Refunds        

  Users who wish cancel their subscriptions have the option do so through their online accounts page within 24 hours prior renewal date without any penalty fees being incurred. If cancellation occurs after this period then no refunds will be issued but they may still continue using service until end current billing cycle before full termination takes place . All payments made up until that time will remain nonrefundable regardless circumstances surrounding decision leave program early

Help & Support

Eveeda is an online platform that provides users with a range of services. It can be difficult to know how to access support if you are having trouble using the website or have any other queries. Fortunately, Eveeda makes it easy for customers to get help when they need it.

The first way you can contact customer service on Eveeda is through their dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page which has various options including email and phone numbers for different countries around the world. The response time from customer service agents varies depending on your query but generally speaking, most inquiries will receive a reply within 24 hours during business days (Monday-Friday).

If you don’t want to wait for a response from customer service then there’s also an FAQ section available where users can find quick answers about commonly asked questions related to using the site such as account management, payments and technical issues etc.. This page may provide all of the information needed in order solve many problems without needing direct assistance so make sure this option is explored before contacting support directly via email or telephone number provided by ‘Contact Us’ page


1. Is eveeda safe?

Yes, Eveeda is a safe and secure platform. It has been developed with the highest security standards in mind to ensure that all data stored on their servers remains private and confidential. The company uses advanced encryption technology to protect customer information from unauthorized access or use, as well as industry-standard firewalls for added protection against malicious attacks. They also have rigorous internal procedures in place to monitor user activity across their systems so they can quickly detect any suspicious behavior or potential threats before they become an issue. Furthermore, customers are able to control who has access to their account by setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) which requires both a password and another form of verification such as biometrics like fingerprints or facial recognition when logging into the system. All these measures make it very difficult for anyone other than authorized users of the platform from accessing sensitive data stored within it – making Eveeda one of the safest platforms available today!

2. Is eveeda a real dating site with real users?

Eveeda is a dating site that claims to be the first of its kind, connecting singles with verified users. The website states that it has over 5 million members from all around the world and boasts a strict verification process for every user. This means that each profile on Eveeda is reviewed by an actual person who checks if the information provided in profiles are accurate and valid before allowing them access to other features like messaging or chat rooms. Additionally, there are also several safety measures implemented such as two-factor authentication when signing up for an account which helps ensure only real people join their platform. All these security protocols make sure you can trust any potential matches you come across while using this service since they have been pre-verified by staff at Eveeda prior to being available online.

3. How to use eveeda app?

Using the Eveeda app is simple and straightforward. First, you will need to download the app from either Google Play or Apple App Store depending on your device. Once downloaded, open up the app and create an account with a valid email address and password of your choice. After that, you can start exploring all of its features! You can easily find people who share similar interests as yours by searching for them in their search bar or browse through different categories like sports, music etc., where users have posted about topics related to those areas. You can also join groups created by other users which are based around specific topics such as photography or hiking; this way it’s easier to connect with others who may be interested in discussing these subjects further than just one-on-one conversations over messages would allow for. Additionally there is a ‘Nearby’ feature which allows you to see what events are happening near your location so if ever feel bored at home then head out into town without having worry too much about planning beforehand – simply look up what’s going on nearby using this tool! Finally don’t forget take advantage of our chatrooms section where anyone user has access post anything they want – whether it’s asking questions related certain topic seeking advice from fellow members general discussion points – everyone welcome here make sure check regularly keep updated latest trends within community!.

4. Is eveeda free?

Eveeda is a free service that provides users with access to their financial information in one place. It allows you to securely connect your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial institutions so you can view all of your transactions in one convenient location. Eveeda also offers personalized budgeting tools and insights into spending patterns as well as helpful tips on how to save money each month. With its easy-to-use interface and secure data storage system, it’s no wonder why many people are choosing Eveeda for their personal finance needs!

5. Is eveeda working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Eveeda is working and you can find someone there. The platform provides a great way to connect with potential employers or employees in the tech industry. It allows users to create profiles that showcase their skills, experiences, and interests so they can be matched up with job opportunities or people who are looking for help on projects. With its intuitive search engine and powerful filtering capabilities, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Additionally, users have access to helpful resources such as tutorials on how best use the site as well as tips from other members of the community about finding success through networking online using Eveeda’s services


To conclude, Eveeda is a great dating app that offers users the opportunity to find partners for meaningful relationships. The design and usability of the app are excellent, making it easy to navigate and use. Safety and security features such as secure messaging, profile verification process help ensure user safety while using the platform. Help & support provided by Eveeda team is also quite good with quick response time when needed. User profiles quality on this platform is high with many active members looking for potential matches or dates in their area or beyond boundaries! Overall we can say that Eveeda has all you need from a modern-day dating application – ease of use combined with an intuitive interface makes it one of our top picks in this category!

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Sarah Clark is a dating expert and writer from New York City. She has been writing reviews on dating sites and apps for over five years and has a wealth of experience in the field. She is passionate about helping singles find a successful and healthy relationship, which is why she puts so much effort into researching and writing about the world of online dating. From her reviews, Sarah hopes to help singles make informed decisions about the dating services they choose and to provide them with honest and helpful feedback. Sarah is a firm believer that everyone deserves to find love and she is always striving to make the online dating experience as smooth and successful as possible.

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